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Bidding and Contracting

GovSchool offers Bidding and Contracting to introduce you to the local, state, and federal government marketplace. The six week course is conducted in an online setting with other classmates who want to expand their knowledge.

Each course is fifty-five minutes. The syllabus is shown below.

Week 1: The Local, State, and Federal government marketplace.

In this session we will walk through the various levels of the government marketplace to familiarize ourselves with the opportunity that exists.

Week 2: Qualifying, Bidding, Proposing, and Informing.

In this session we will discuss how to qualify for opportunity and begin the process of understanding the difference between bidding, proposing, and responding to calls for information.

Week 3: Certifications and Registrations

In this session we will discuss the various certifications available and registrations necessary to make sure your company has all the advantages.

Week 4: Searching and Finding

In this session we will discuss how to pinpoint the opportunity that fits your company to save you time and make the process efficient.

Week 5: Past performance research and Preparing a Response

After pinpointing an actual opportunity, this session will discuss the importance of past performance research and how to incorporate the information into preparing a response.

Week 6: Winning and Losing

You win some and You lose some. This session will discuss how to use your experience to propel your company forward in government contracting. The session will end the course with a recap.

We offer two time slots for the course (choose one):

Mondays 6 PM - 7 PM (Monday July 29)

Fridays 3 PM - 4 PM - (Friday July 26)

Registration for course below. The first session is available at no charge. The complete set of courses is available at no charge to premium users at GovDirections. Choose any package to continue after the first session.

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