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The GSA Schedule | Helpful Facts

GSA Schedules are fast, easy, and effective contracting vehicles for both customers and vendors.

For GSA Schedules, the General Services Administration establishes long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial companies to provide access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing. 

The GSA Schedules program is the premier acquisition vehicle in government, with approximately $40 Billion a year in spending or 10 percent (10%) of overall federal procurement spending.

GSA continually updates the offerings under the GSA Schedules program, and aids industry partners in being successful in the government marketplace. Particularly, the GSA Schedules program has a strong record of small business achievement.

GSA has developed the Vendor Toolbox, which is a collection of resources that will help you decide whether getting a GSA Schedule contract is in your best interests.

Guide to Preparing a Multiple Award Schedule Offer

This guide helps new offerors understand how to submit an offer to sell commercial products and services under the Multiple Award Schedules (MAS), also known as the Federal Supply Schedules, or GSA Schedules Program.

Get Ready

Assemble Your Offer

Finalize Your Offer

Responding to a Solicitation

You are ready to prepare an offer in response to a GSA Schedules solicitation. This page will walk you through what to expect when submitting an offer. For instructions on finding the appropriate solicitation for your business and preparing for the Schedules submission process, go to the Vendor Toolbox

Source: GSA